EuRuKo 2011 is coming, who's up for a meeting?

EuRuKo is great fun. It would be even more fun with more Padrino action, so let’s meet up!

EuRuKo 2011 and (hopefully) Eurocamp are drawing close (May 28-29). Are there any Padrino users/hackers/interested third-parties present in Berlin around that date? If so, we could organize a spontaneous meeting/drink-up somewhere in town. If anyone is interested in meeting, please send me a note, I’ll try to organize something. If nothing dedicated comes together, we still have a list of people to contact and move as a group.

Also, if you have never been to Berlin and need a few pointers on what to do, feel free to ask me for advice as well.

If you are interested please drop me a note (either through the contact details or using this list) and maybe include:

  • the time of your stay in Berlin (so that I know when it makes sense to contact you)
  • your email address and twitter username (if you have one), maybe github
  • the kind of activity you are interested in (just eating, just drinking, seeing berlin, hacking, q&a or any combination of the former)

My contact details: name: Florian Gilcher email: twitter: @Argorak github: skade phone: ask and ye might receive

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