Fikus CMS

This is Fikus, a simple content management system written in the Ruby programming language.

Fikus dreamed a dream for me / It cost me nothing it was free / He dreamed of walking in the sand / Of blossoms forming in his hand" / — from Fikus, by Phish  


  • Simple admin interface
  • Markdown format for page contents
  • Easily extensible using the features of Padrino, Sinatra, and Rack
  • Data stored in MongoDB
  • Built-in page caching for performance
  • Ability to specify different layouts per page

Why Fikus?

I was in need of a very simple content management system. I wanted to quickly author somewhat static pages together for the web, but I didn’t want to deal with deploying the site, uploading files, or dealing with fitting my content in templates. That ruled out a lot of existing content management systems that did too much for what I wanted.

I also wanted a chance to play with the Padrino framework, which is a MVC architecture framework built on top of Sinatra.

Initially I looked at a CMS like Nesta but decided I wanted my pages (or documents) stored in a document database and a simple admin interface for editing them. I liked the idea of using Markdown, so I decided to create something that fit my needs.

Fikus was born.

What does Fikus mean?

Think of it as a tree, but I was listening to Phish when starting the project. That’s all it is.

Check it out on github


Please report any issues you encounter with this release! We are working very actively on Padrino and want to make the framework as stable and reliable as possible. That concludes the changelog for this release. As always if you want to keep up with Padrino updates, be sure to follow us on twitter: @padrinorb, join us on IRC at “#padrino” on freenode, open an issue, or discuss on gitter.

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