O'Reilly Sinatra - Up and Running Book!

Alan Harris and Konstantin Haase have been working on their Sinatra – Up and Running book from O’Reilly! It’s nice to finally have a book out for the Sinatra and Padrino community! You can pre-order the book here.

With our growing community, its great that we have a book on the shelf to guide us through some of the more intricate details of Sinatra from both a seasoned author and the maintainer of the project. The Sinatra book itself totes a great description of what it entails:

Sinatra gives developers a small but powerful and scalable framework for building web applications with Ruby. This introduction gets readers started, helping them to build, install, and polish a first application. It also explores how Sinatra fits in the web application ecosystem, especially in comparison to its far larger cousin, Ruby on Rails.

Definitely looking forward to getting this book. Show your support and thanks to both Alan and Konstantin for releasing this awesome title!

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