Padrino 0.9.16 - Important Hotfixes to the Admin

We pushed a new version of Padrino with some new good features and important fixed to our admin.

Here the list of changes:

  • Fixed problems with admin
  • Now only AS > 3.0
  • Added padrino-cache
  • Added redis backend for padrino-cache
  • Added dom helpers [Thanks to nu7hatch]
  • Added regex support for route portions
  • Update rspec generation to use let() [Thanks to rbxbx]
  • Added mysql2 support for activerecord [Thanks to kyanagi]
  • Fixed riot test helper generation
  • Added concise routing support
  • Added controller mapping support
  • Fixed tests to support concurrency
  • Fixed options_for_selec to be Array-compatible [Thanks to zmack]
  • Support Sinatra before blocks correctly
  • Added support for shallowing in controllers
  • Remove padrino-admin dependency on padrino-gen [Thanks to selman]

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