Padrino 0.9.19 - Sinatra 1.1 compat, Screencast!

We happy, after our first birthday (11/11/10), to announce padrino 0.9.19.

We are very, very, near to the version 1.0.

We need to finish only three things:

If you want to contribute, focus on this three points.

Also, there is a poll on PeepCode so please VOTE for our Screencast !

Now, see the changelog of 0.9.19:

  • Sinatra 1.1 compat
  • Fixed destroy admin/app/page [Thanks to Sob]
  • Fixed couchrest dependencies [Thanks to 21studios]
  • Added a basic index file [Thanks to 21studios]
  • Now Admin password are undecryptable [Thanks to Sob]
  • Arrayify keys for invalidation in padrino-cache
  • Fixed few typos errors [Thanks to Philtr]
  • Fix conflict on seeds.rb when generating admin [Thanks to Spllr]
  • Correct path in spec [Thanks to Spllr]
  • Bypass admin login in development
  • Norwegian translation [Thanks to Fossmo]
  • Updated generator for new rspec version [Thanks to Rosstimson]
  • Updated generator to work with legacy rspec version
  • Fixed issue with views folder not being generated in projects
  • Fixed the listing headers of admin pages, now is plural [Thanks to Rosstimson]
  • Fixed model migration removal [Thanks to Sob]
  • Updated plugins to pull using https [Thanks to Sob]

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