Padrino Weekly, Issue 2: Simple apps, Website now Open Source

Welcome back to Padrino weekly. This week is certainly dominated by football, but I hope we’ll get over it. I’ll keep this short so you can go back to watching whichever game you’re watching.

Simple Apps are a collection of very simple apps, each one demonstrating a feature or a set of features. They are a great stop if you’re interested in learning Padrino or seeing a sample implementation of a feature. They can also be used as a starting point to tinker around with a feature. Currently all apps still need Padrino edge, so be a little careful when trying to port parts to your own apps.

The Padrino Website was pushed to Github. Well, it’s been there for a while but now we made it public. The website certainly uses Padrino and serves as an example of a more elaborate project, going far beyond of what a tutorial, guide or sample app could do. Feel free to check it out, try and break it – and if you find any bugs, we’d like to hear about them.

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