Padrino 0.9.16 - Important Hotfixes to the Admin

We pushed a new version of Padrino with some new good features and important fixed to our admin.

Here the list of changes:

  • Fixed problems with admin
  • Now only AS > 3.0
  • Added padrino-cache
  • Added redis backend for padrino-cache
  • Added dom helpers [Thanks to nu7hatch]
  • Added regex support for route portions
  • Update rspec generation to use let() [Thanks to rbxbx]
  • Added mysql2 support for activerecord [Thanks to kyanagi]
  • Fixed riot test helper generation
  • Added concise routing support
  • Added controller mapping support
  • Fixed tests to support concurrency
  • Fixed options_for_selec to be Array-compatible [Thanks to zmack]
  • Support Sinatra before blocks correctly
  • Added support for shallowing in controllers
  • Remove padrino-admin dependency on padrino-gen [Thanks to selman]

Padrino 0.9.15 Release! New Core Member!

Padrino 0.9.15 adds in a few new features. You can now use templates to generate entire padrino projects or use plugins that will easily integrate libraries and other components into your padrino project. In addition to fixes, this version adds new translations as well as components from stylesheets, renders, and orms!

With the templates and plugins generator in padrino we can now generate a project with a template using:

padrino-gen project my_project -p path/to/my/template.rb -r=path/to/your/project

For existing plugins that you want to have installed into your project, use the plugin generator:

padrino-gen plugin hoptoad

A list of available plugins are kept at padrino-recipes. The plugin generator can also accept a path to a ruby file or even a gist as well! View the guides for more information!

This version also provides new additions such as,

a variety of new components to padrino:

  • erubis – renderer(thanks to cored)
  • liquid – renderer(thanks to rwilcox)
  • mongomatic – orm(thanks to lusis)
  • ohm – orm(thanks to lusis)
  • scss – stylesheets

new translations such as:

  • Dutch Translation (thanks to Martijin)
  • Polish translation (Thanks to Kriss)

a few fixes, namely:

  • fixes custom conditions
  • fixes the app generation destroy option
  • routes now take a regex
  • ensures that the .component file stores the choices after they have been validated
  • fixes an issue with the reloader where the object space wasn’t been cleared.
  • fixes the logic for options_for_select helper
  • Removed some deprecation
  • Fixed DataMapper.finalize

To see the full list of changes, take a look at the changelog

We are also excited to introduce our newest core member, lusis! He has contributed various components such as ohm and mongomatic, and has also generously setup a hudson server for the padrino community! We’re glad to have him on board and look forward to his contributions to the project!

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