Hosting our first Padrino meetup in San Francisco!

One of our core Padrino members DAddYE has moved to San Francisco recently and has joined as a developer at Triggit. The Padrino core team has always been a very distributed team with each of us living in different places until recently.

Since Davide, Josh and I all live in the city now, we thought it would make sense to host our first meetup in San Francisco.

Triggit has graciously agreed to let us use their office for the meetup and some food for you.

Come join us on Thursday, January 24th at 6:30pm to learn more about our plans for Padrino in the coming year as we continue our long journey to 1.0.

We will talking about the coming Padrino 0.11 release and we want to share our plans for Padrino 1.0, which aims to be a big step forward for us since will be focused on multi-threading with a special focus on JRuby.

There are more cool things like full modularized templates, routes etc… stay tuned for more details.

We are excited about jump starting our development efforts again and would love everyone interested in Sinatra and Padrino to attend.

Please RSVP to the event so we can get a rough sense of the number of people attending. Look forward to seeing you guys there!

Darío Cravero joins the Padrino Core Team

Darío Cravero has been helping with Padrino and has been creating useful extensions. Having submitted several pull requests and consistently helping us to keep up with the flow of new issues in our issue tracker he agreed to join the Padrino core team.

Dario has started several companies and is currently the co-founder of uxtemple. We are very excited to welcome him aboard and also to pick up the pace of Padrino development. We know that we have a long way to go with Padrino, but we are committed to making this framework as solid and easy to use as possible. Expect more news soon as we ramp up our efforts on Padrino for the new year!

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