Padrino 0.13.1 - Router and Reloader Updates, Ruby Compatibility, and Bug Fixes

Padrino 0.13.0 was shipped 3 months ago on October 2015 and laid important groundwork towards our eventual 1.0 release but also introduced some new issues. After a few months of effort, we are excited to announce the release of Padrino 0.13.1! This version is filled with routing and reloader optimizations, compatibility updates, and bug fixes. Full details for this release are below.

Router and Reloader Updates

The biggest improvement in this release is a significant reduction in the memory usage of Padrino apps by changing the configuration of the underlying mustermann router. Full list of improvements to router and reloader include:

Ruby Compatibility

Padrino 0.13.1 has been fixed to be fully compatible with Ruby 2.3 thanks to @tyabe:

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous

There are also several bug fixes and other updates:


Please report any issues you encounter with this release! We are working very actively on Padrino and want to make the framework as stable and reliable as possible. That concludes the changelog for this release. As always if you want to keep up with Padrino updates, be sure to follow us on twitter: @padrinorb, join us on IRC at “#padrino” on freenode, open an issue, or discuss on gitter.

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