Padrino 0.9.13 Gets Pushed Early

Following the release of 0.9.11 yesterday there were a few unresolved issues that were quickly discovered. In order to create the smoothest experience possible for Padrino users, we decided that these bugs warranted a new release ahead of schedule. So, today we have released 0.9.13 (and 0.9.12) with a few bug fixes and a deprecation of the mount_core method. Read on to get the full rundown.

This latest release is a quick bug fix patch release for a few outstanding issues in 0.9.11. First, there was an issue with the admin panel intermittently displaying in Czech rather than the english locale. This was due to a faulty key in the localization file for Czech in admin.

The second bug had to do with routing failures in which certain routes wouldn't behave as expected if the same path was defined twice with two different verbs (GET ‘/index’ and POST ‘/index’) as well as errors with the handling of provides and explicit formats. An updated http_router and changes to routing in Padrino has addressed these issues in 0.9.13.

Finally, we have deprecated the mounting syntax related to ‘core’ applications. Prior to 0.9.13, the following code was generated in a new project:


This is actually somewhat confusing and hides what the mounter is actually doing. In the latest release, mount_core is deprecated and the following is used instead:


This is a minor change but important as this command is much more consistent and adheres to our philosophy of minimizing ‘magical’ behavior in our framework.

The quick version of these fixes is recapped below:

  • Deprecated mount_core and remove references
  • Fixed problem with czech translation file
  • Fixed a problem with routes with same path but different verbs and provides

Please update your applications to 0.9.13 and continue enjoy using Padrino!


Please report any issues you encounter with this release! We are working very actively on Padrino and want to make the framework as stable and reliable as possible. That concludes the changelog for this release. As always if you want to keep up with Padrino updates, be sure to follow us on twitter: @padrinorb, join us on IRC at “#padrino” on freenode, open an issue, or discuss on gitter.

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