Padrino 0.9.19 - Sinatra 1.1 compat, Screencast!

We happy, after our first birthday (11/11/10), to announce padrino 0.9.19.

We are very, very, near to the version 1.0.

We need to finish only three things:

If you want to contribute, focus on this three points.

Also, there is a poll on PeepCode so please VOTE for our Screencast !

Now, see the changelog of 0.9.19:

  • Sinatra 1.1 compat
  • Fixed destroy admin/app/page [Thanks to Sob]
  • Fixed couchrest dependencies [Thanks to 21studios]
  • Added a basic index file [Thanks to 21studios]
  • Now Admin password are undecryptable [Thanks to Sob]
  • Arrayify keys for invalidation in padrino-cache
  • Fixed few typos errors [Thanks to Philtr]
  • Fix conflict on seeds.rb when generating admin [Thanks to Spllr]
  • Correct path in spec [Thanks to Spllr]
  • Bypass admin login in development
  • Norwegian translation [Thanks to Fossmo]
  • Updated generator for new rspec version [Thanks to Rosstimson]
  • Updated generator to work with legacy rspec version
  • Fixed issue with views folder not being generated in projects
  • Fixed the listing headers of admin pages, now is plural [Thanks to Rosstimson]
  • Fixed model migration removal [Thanks to Sob]
  • Updated plugins to pull using https [Thanks to Sob]


Please report any issues you encounter with this release! We are working very actively on Padrino and want to make the framework as stable and reliable as possible. That concludes the changelog for this release. As always if you want to keep up with Padrino updates, be sure to follow us on twitter: @padrinorb, join us on IRC at “#padrino” on freenode, open an issue, or discuss on gitter.

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