Padrino 0.10.2 - ActiveSupport 3.1, TravisCI Support, Routing and Misc Bug

Just about 1 month ago, we released 0.10.1 which had several important bug fixes after our major 0.10.0 release. Today we are releasing 0.10.2 which continues in this tradition and provides a bunch more fixes that were reported since the last release. We sincerely appreciate everyone opening issues and sending us pull requests on Github. Our framework wouldn’t be half as solid without your contributions.

This release of 0.10.2 marks the beginning of our usage of TravisCI, major route reloading fixes, and a slew of bug fixes for the mailer, renderer, helpers, generators and more. We have also upgraded and locked to ActiveSupport 3.1. If you are using 0.10.1 and having trouble with the reloader, please upgrade to 0.10.2! Details for this release are below.

Upgrade to ActiveSupport 3.1

ActiveSupport 3.1 has been officially released and we have upgraded Padrino accordingly! Padrino 0.10.2 and on will require the latest and greatest ActiveSupport. Upgrading should be painless because there are not many backwards incompatibilities.


This release marks the beginning of our use of Travis CI for Padrino. TravisCI is a great tool for the open source community and improves our continuous integration testing for all versions of Ruby. commit


This release is largely pushed out to fix a major route reloading bug recently introduced. Reloading has continuously been the most error-prone and hardest to test aspect of our system. This has become frustrating for us as well as for our users. However, thanks to Hollin Wilkins & Dave Willett @ TrueCar in San Francisco, this route issue has been resolved for now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues when on 0.10.2! Check out the commit which fixed the issue.

We also fixed an issue with routes that contain the word ‘index’. Check out the commit.


  • Adds support for mysql2 when using sequel as adapter (Thanks rafaelss): commit
  • Fixes potential issue with libxml-ruby (Thanks farcaller): commit

Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes

  • Default content type for mailer has been corrected: commit
  • Rendering a hash i.e render :json => obj is now properly set as json: commit
  • Protect admin login from XSS attacks: commit
  • Escape certain html entities when writing html tags: commit
  • Fixes error block handling for ::Exception: commit
  • Fix model test_config require when not using default top level: commit
  • Outputs the partials that are rendered in development mode (Thanks minikomi): commit
  • Preserve the original options when resolving a template (Thanks Xylakant): commit
  • Moved from rdoc documentation to yard: commit
  • Fix issue with not respecting RACK_ENV in the CLI: commit
  • Fixes issue when rendering partials with a forward slash (Thanks philly-mac): commit, commit

That concludes the changelog for this release. As always if you want to keep up with Padrino updates, be sure to follow us on twitter: @padrinorb, join us on IRC at “#padrinorb” on freenode or open an issue on GitHub.

Padrino 0.10.1 - Mongo Cache Store, Routing, Translation, and Bug Fixes

On July 8th, we released Padrino 0.10.0 which was the biggest release in a series of releases that are paving the way towards a 1.0 version. Fortunately, the release was well received without many serious issues cropping up during the upgrade process from 0.9.X.

Today, we are releasing 0.10.1 which is mostly a cleanup and bug fix release. Originally, we were hoping for this release to align with Sinatra 1.3 but that will likely happen in the next release now. This release adds a new mongo adapter for padrino-cache, applies some important fixes to routing, cleans up our translation files and has several compatibility and bug fixes reported since our last version. Details for this release are below.

Mongo Cache Store

aliem sent us a pull request for a Mongo-based cache store that plugs into our existing padrino-cache system. Thanks to his work, all the caching goodness can now be stored with Mongo. If you see a missing adapter to our caching solution, please consider sending us a pull request. Commits here, here, and here.

Routing Fixes

There are a handful of important routing fixes in this release, thanks to joshbuddy.

  • Parent support restful routing: commit
  • Before filters are called regardless of matching: commit

Be sure to raise an issue if you experience any routing problems.

Translation Fixes

We have made an effort to improve the reliability and completeness of our translations in this release largely thanks to TweeKane who brought these issues to our attention. We have corrected the known issues with the translations and also added locale tests to prevent these problems in the future.

  • Added Missing IT translations: commit
  • Adds missing CS, DE, NL locales: commits here and here
  • Fixes to FR, CN, RU locales (Thanks TweeKane): commits here, here, and here
  • Adds unit tests for locales: commits here, and here

Compatibility and Bug Fixes

  • Padrino is now fully compatible with Slim 1.0 and Ruby 1.9.3: commit
  • Padrino is now compatible with bundler ~> 1.0: commit
  • Admin generator now properly destroys access control when removed: commit
  • Fixes admin generator with namespaced models: commit
  • Cleanup Rake::DSL inclusion causing errors on 1.9.2: commit
  • Quick fix for hiding ‘padrino.instance’ environment data: commit
  • Allow configuring of logger ahead of load: commits here, here, and here
  • Cleanup error message (Thanks mariozig): commit
  • Fix minor doc bug in logger (Thanks xylakant): commit
  • Add host parameters in DM postgres adapter (Thanks Aigeruth): commit

That concludes the changelog for this release. As always if you want to keep up with Padrino updates, be sure to follow us on twitter: @padrinorb, join us on IRC at “#padrinorb” on freenode or contact us on GitHub.

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