Padrino also comes with a built-in admin dashboard. To generate the admin application in your project:

Options Default Aliases Description
admin_name admin -a allows you to specify the admin app’s name
admin_model "Account" -m specify the name of model for access controlling
root . -r specify the root destination path
theme default none generate admin app with theme
skip_migration false -s skip migration generation
renderer -e the default value is a renderer used in the main app
destroy false -d removes all generated files
$ padrino g admin

You can specify the theme to use for your admin application using the theme flag:

$ padrino g admin --theme blue

The available themes are: amro, bec, bec-green, blue, default, djime-cerulean, kathleene, olive, orange, reidb-greenish, ruby, warehouse.

This will generate the admin application and mount this at /admin. For more information, check out the Admin Guide.

last updated: 2016-10-23

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