Adding Components


Padrino is an agnostic web framework. This means that the framework has been built from the ground up to easily allow support for any arbitrary number of different developer choices with respect to object permanence, stylesheet templates, JavaScript libraries, testing libraries, mocking libraries and rendering engines. For a detailed overview of the available components, check out the Generators guide.

Although Padrino is fundamentally agnostic, in practice only a very limited set of available components have actually been integrated into the Padrino generator and admin dashboard. The set of available components is determined by libraries actually used or noted by the core developers and the existing community. However, adding additional components to Padrino is not only possible but highly recommended. In fact, this is possibly the best way for a developer to get started contributing to Padrino.

The following guides will outline in detail how to properly contribute new components to Padrino and get them included into the next Padrino generator as quickly and efficiently as possible.

last updated: 2022-02-22

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