Adding Components

Stylesheet Engine

Contributing an additional stylesheet engine to Padrino is actually quite straightforward. For this guide, let's assume we want to add Less as a stylesheet engine component integrated into Padrino.


First, let's define the actual integration of the stylesheet engine into the generator in padrino-gen/generators/components/stylesheets/less.rb:

# padrino-gen/lib/padrino-gen/generators/components/stylesheets/less.rb

LESS_INIT = <<-LESS unless defined?(LESS_INIT)
    # Enables support for Less template reloading for rack.
    # Store Less files by default within 'app/stylesheets/'.
    # See for more details.
    require 'rack/less'
    # optional - use as necessary
    Rack::Less.configure do |config|
      config.compress = true
      # config.cache = true
      # other configs ...
    app.use Rack::Less,
      :root      => Padrino.root,
      :source    => 'app/stylesheets',
      :public    => 'public',
      :hosted_at => 'stylesheets'

def setup_stylesheet
  require_dependencies 'less'
  require_dependencies 'rack-less'
  require_dependencies 'therubyracer'
  initializer :less, LESS_INIT
  empty_directory destination_root('/app/stylesheets')


Let's also add a test to ensure the new stylesheet engine component generates as expected in padrino-gen/test/test_project_generator.rb:

# padrino-gen/test/test_project_generator.rb
it 'should properly generate for less' do
  capture_io { generate(:project, 'sample_project', "--root=#{@apptmp}", '--renderer=haml','--script=none','--stylesheet=less') }
  assert_match_in_file(/gem 'rack-less'/, "#{@apptmp}/sample_project/Gemfile")
  assert_match_in_file(/module LessInitializer.*Rack::Less/m, "#{@apptmp}/sample_project/lib/less_initializer.rb")
  assert_match_in_file(/register LessInitializer/m, "#{@apptmp}/sample_project/app/app.rb")


Finally, let's update the README for padrino-gen to reflect the new component in padrino-gen/README.rdoc:

# padrino-gen/README.rdoc
stylesheet:: none  (default), less, compass, sass, scss

Contribute to Padrino

This completes the full integration of a stylesheet engine into Padrino. Once all of this has been finished in your GitHub fork, send us a pull request and assuming you followed these instructions properly and the engine actually works when generated, we will include the component into the next Padrino version crediting you for the contribution!

last updated: 2022-02-22

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