Application Helpers

Asset Helpers

Asset helpers are intended to help insert useful html onto a view template such as 'flash' notices, hyperlinks, mail_to links, images, stylesheets and javascript. An example of their uses would be on a simple view template:

# app/views/example.haml
  = stylesheet_link_tag 'layout'
  = javascript_include_tag 'application'
  = favicon_tag 'images/favicon.png'
  = flash_tag :notice
  %p= link_to 'Blog', '/blog', :class => 'example'
  %p Mail me at #{mail_to '', "Fake Email Link", :cc => ""}
  %p= image_tag 'padrino.png', :width => '35', :class => 'logo'

By default, all 'assets' including images, scripts, and stylesheets have a timestamp appended at the end to clear the stale cache for the item when modified. To disable this, simply put the setting disable :asset_stamp in your application configuration within app/app.rb.

List of Asset Helpers

  • flash_tag(kind, options={})
    • Creates a div to display the flash of given type if it exists
    • flash_tag(:notice, :class => 'flash', :id => 'flash-notice')
  • link_to(*args, &block)
    • Creates a link element with given name, url and options
    • link_to 'click me', '/dashboard', :class => 'linky'
    • link_to 'click me', '/dashboard', :class => 'linky', :if => @foo.present?
    • link_to 'click me', '/dashboard', :class => 'linky', :unless => @foo.blank?
    • link_to 'click me', '/dashboard', :class => 'linky', :unless => :current
    • link_to('/dashboard', :class => 'blocky') { ...content... }
  • mail_to(email, caption=nil, mail_options={})
    • Creates a mailto link tag to the specified email_address
    • mail_to ""
    • mail_to "", "My Email", :subject => "Feedback", :cc => ''
  • image_tag(url, options={})
    • Creates an image element with given url and options
    • image_tag('icons/avatar.png')
  • stylesheet_link_tag(*sources)
    • Returns a stylesheet link tag for the sources specified as arguments
    • stylesheet_link_tag 'style', 'application', 'layout'
  • javascript_include_tag(*sources)
    • Returns an html script tag for each of the sources provided.
    • javascript_include_tag 'application', 'special'
  • favicon_tag(source, options={})
    • Returns a favicon tag for the header for the source specified.
    • favicon_tag 'images/favicon.ico', :type => 'image/ico'
  • feed_tag(mime,source, options={})
    • Returns a feed tag for the mime and source specified
    • feed_tag :atom, url(:blog, :posts, :format => :atom), :title => "ATOM"

last updated: 2022-02-22

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