Unlike Sinatra, Padrino supports automatic template engine lookups with:

# searches for 'account/index.{erb,haml,...}
render 'account/index'

It will choose the first one that is discovered, without regards to the type of rendering (erb, haml, slim). Otherwise you can explicitly specify the type of rendering of your choice (erb, haml, slim).

# will use example.haml
render :haml, 'account/index'

Padrino also automatically considers your current locale and/or content_type.

Demo::App.controllers :admin do
  get :show, :with => :id, :provides => [:html, :js] do
    render "admin/show"

When you visit the :show route with I18n.locale == :ru enabled, Padrino will first try to look for "admin/" if nothing matches that criteria, it will try "admin/" then "admin/show.js.*". As a last resort, if he finds nothing matching your criteria, it will return "admin/show.erb" (or admin/show.haml)

last updated: 2022-02-22

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