Application Helpers

Custom Form Builders

You can also easily build your own FormBuilder which allows for customized fields and behavior:

class MyCustomFormBuilder < AbstractFormBuilder
  # Here we have access to a number of useful variables
  # ** template  (use this to invoke any helpers)(ex. template.hidden_field_tag(...))
  # ** object    (the record for this form) (ex. object.valid?)
  # ** object_name (object's underscored type) (ex. object_name => 'admin_user')
  # We also have access to self.field_types => [:text_field, :text_area, ...]
  # In addition, we have access to all the existing field tag
  # helpers (text_field, hidden_field, file_field, ...)

Once a custom builder is defined, any call to form_for can use the new builder:

= form_for @user, '/register', :builder => 'MyCustomFormBuilder', :id => 'register' do |f|
  ...fields here...

The form builder can even be made into the default builder when form_for is invoked:

# anywhere in the Padrino or Sinatra application
set :default_builder, 'MyCustomFormBuilder'

And there you have it, a fairly complete form builder solution for Padrino (and Sinatra).

last updated: 2022-02-22

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