Unlike other Ruby frameworks, Padrino is principally designed for mounting multiple apps at the same time.

Options Default Aliases Description
tiny false -i generate tiny app skeleton
root . -r specify the root destination path
destroy false -d removes all generated files

First you need to create a project:

$ padrino g project demo_project
$ cd demo_project

Now you are in demo_project and you can create your apps:

$ padrino g app one
$ padrino g app two

By default these apps are mounted under:

  • /one
  • /two

fee free to change the routing in config/apps.rb.

You can create controllers:

$ padrino g controller base --app one # create controller for app one
$ padrino g controller base           # create controller for main app
$ padrino g controller base --app two # create controller for app two

Or mailers:

$ padrino g mailer registration --app one # create mailer for app one
$ padrino g mailer registration           # create mailer for main app
$ padrino g mailer registration --app two # create mailer for app one

last updated: 2022-02-22

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