This is just a collection of links (news, blogs, etc) that mention Padrino and not directly authored by the core team:

Name Description Author
Cerner Tech Talk (Video) This talk is part of Cerner's Tech Talk series (2013). @CernerEng
O’Reilly Programming How Setting Aside Rails and Picking Up Padrino Might Make You a Better Ruby Developer (2013). Aaron Sumner
RubyInside Padrino: A Webapp Framework Wrapped Around Sinatra (2010). Peter Cooper
PuddingBowl padrino (2011). Michael Hall
JaxEnter Get More Features for Sinatra (2010)! Jessica Thornsby
HackerNews Padrino Ruby Web Framework (sits on top of Sinatra) - Release notes jmonegro
Ruby5 Padrino got mentioned in this Podcast (2010). Paul Elliott
coryodaniel Some blog posts tackling problems with compass and sass (2010). Cory O'Daniel
Ramaze vs. Padrino Benchmarks Ramaze vs. Padrino Benchmarks (2010). Michael Lang
programmingzen Padrino: a Ruby framework built upon Sinatra (2010). Antonio Cangiano
changelog podcast Several podcasts mentioning Padrino. changelog
Tropical Software Observation Initial Thoughts on Padrino, a Fast Ruby Web Framework Based On Sinatra (2010) Isak Rickyanto
trevmex Padrino and Sequel for lightweight web apps (2010). trevmex
Fikus Fikus: Deploying Padrino to Engine Yard AppCloud (2010). Tim Gourley
halfdecent Installing Padrino on Ubuntu / Debian (2010). Matt South
ruby-ua Russian page talking about Padrino (2010). -
habrahabr Russian page talking about Padrino (2010). Konstantin Shabanov
cyberwave Japanese site mentioning Padrino (2010). nashik

last updated: 2022-02-22

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