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Tag helpers are the basic building blocks used to construct html 'tags' within a view template. There are three major functions for this category: tag, content_tag and input_tag.

The tag and content_tag are for building arbitrary html tags with a name and specified options. If the tag contains 'content' within then content_tag is used. For example:

tag(:br, :style => 'clear:both') # => <br style="clear:both" />
content_tag(:p, "demo", :class => 'light') # => <p class="light">demo</p>

The input_tag is used to build tags that are related to accepting input from the user:

input_tag :text, :class => "demo" # => <input type='text' class='demo' />
input_tag :password, :value => "secret", :class => "demo"

Note that all of these accept html options and result in returning a string containing html tags.

List of Tag Helpers

  • tag(name, options=nil, open=false)
    • Creates an html tag with the given name and options
    • tag(:br, :style => 'clear:both', :open => true) => <br style="clear:both">
  • content_tag(name, content, options=nil, &block)
    • Creates an html tag with given name, content and options
    • content_tag(:p, "demo", :class => 'light') => <p class="light">demo</p>
    • content_tag(:p, :class => 'dark') { ...content... } => <p class="dark">...content...</p>
  • input_tag(type, options = {})
    • Creates an html input field with given type and options
    • input_tag :text, :class => "demo"
    • input_tag :password, :value => "secret", :class => "demo"

last updated: 2022-02-22

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