Padrino provides generator support for quickly creating new controllers within your Padrino application. Note that the controller tests are generated specifically tailored towards the testing framework chosen during application generation.

Options Default Aliases Description
app /app -a specify the application
root . -r specify the root destination
namespace -n specify the name space of your padrino project
layout -l specify the layout
parent -p specify the parent
provides -f specify the formats for this controller
destroy false -d removes all generated files

Very important to note that controller generators are intended primarily to work within applications created through the Padrino application generator and that follow Padrino conventions.

Using the controller generator is as simple as:

$ padrino g controller Admin

If you want create a controller for a specified sub app you can:

$ padrino g controller Admin -a my_sub_app

You can also specify desired actions to be added to your controller:

$ padrino g controller Admin get:index get:new post:create

The controller generator will then construct the controller file within app/controllers/admin.rb and also a controller test file at test/controllers/admin_controller_test.rb according to the test framework chosen during app generation. A default route will also be generated mapping to name of the controller and the route name. For example:

$ padrino g controller User get:index

will create a URL route for :index mapping to /user.

You may also specify layout, parent and provides respectively:

$ padrino g controller User -l global
$ padrino g controller User -p users
$ padrino g controller User -f :html,:json

You can destroy controllers that you created via the destroy option and setting it to true. Default is false.

$ padrino g controller User -d

This removes all created controller files.

last updated: 2022-02-22

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