Padrino is a relatively new framework, but many coders agree the best way to get familiar with a framework is to see examples of existing applications. Soon, we hope to compile a list of developed apps using Padrino.

Open-Source Applications

Below is the current list of known open-source Padrino applications.

Name Description In Production Author
padrino-web Open-sourced source code. Yes Padrino Team
middleman A Static Frontend Development Framework (use Padrino for their template helpers). Yes middleman Your geek-friendly travel site. Yes findoutwho
getVolunteers Embed an image anywhere to let people know if your event needs more help. Yes RmMsr
lumen Open-source group discussion platform. Yes wordsandwriting
iTunes Store Transporter: GUI GUI for the iTunes Store’s Transporter (iTMSTransporter). Yes sshaw
HOF Studios Website HOF Studios specializes in game development for PC and mobile platforms. Yes HOF Studios
sochi2014 api Unofficial olympics for sochi2014. Yes, but API is no longer active clearytech
dbd_notebook Source code for (inactive since 2014). No k2052
manicminer-front Manicminer Multicoin Mining Pool - Front App (inactive since 2014). No jorgefuertes
fumblr Stop fumbling with your Tumblr theme development (inactive since 2013). No pengwynn
machete Simple mongomapper+padrino driven web site engine (inactive since 2012). No gtgames
shortener-demo Example Padrino url shortener app (inactive since 2011). No achiu
haircut The URL shortener with Padrino and MongoId (inactive since 2011). No udzura
moolah A tiny money management app (inactive since 2011). No mcmire
picciotto Minimalistic website framework (inactive since 2011). No apeacox
fikas The Simple Ruby CMS (inactive since 2010). No bratta
pergola Web frontend to mongoDB (inactive since 2011). No ryanfitz
presto Padrino + NestaCMS (inactive since 2010). No pengwynn
shopping-cart The Rails shopping cart demo ported to the Padrino framework (inactive since 2010). No cored
omerta Simple blog platform using Mongo Mapper, MongoDB and Padrino (inactive since 2010). No zenom
mashup Displays various RSS feeds on one page (inactive since 2010). No mwlang
padrino_questionnaire Simple questionnaire application (inactive since 2011). No pepe
tokyo-project A photo gallery showcasing pictures of Tokyo. Yes CaDs
Amethyst Amethyst2 is an RSS/ATOM feed reader Web server inspired by Amphetadisk. Yes AustinBlues

Web Libraries

Name Description Author
padrino-recipes Recipes for auto-installing various extra components into Padrino. Padrino
padrino-contrib Extra libraries that are useful for use in Padrino. Padrino
padrino-warden Provides authentication for your Padrino application. jondot
sinatra-simple-navigation Creates a simple way to do navigation for Padrino and Sinatra. codeplant
Sinatra Wild Extensions Bunch of Sinatra which can be used alongside with Padrino. -
padrino-pagination Pagination for Padrino (inactive since 2014). sumskyi
rack-recaptcha Rack Middleware for CAPTCHA verification via Recaptcha API achiu
padrino-fields Simple, flexible form helpers for the Padrino Framework (inactive since 2013). activestylus
padrino-completion Bash completion for Padrino (inactive since 2012). bolshakov
vim-padrino Vim support for Padrino (inactive since 2012). spllr
ripl-padrino ripl console for Padrino applications (inactive since 2011). achiu
padrino-responders Awesome way to remove redundancy in your Padrino controllers (inactive since 2011). nu7hatch
view_models A view model/representer solution for Padrino and Rails (inactive since 2012). floere
declarative_authorization_padrino Declarative Authorization for Padrino (inactive since 2011). dariocravero
padrino-rpm New Relic RPM for Padrino (inactive since 2011). Asquera
padrino-form-errors Simple way to handle errors more robustly (inactive since 2010). nu7hatch

Closed-source Applications

Name Description In Production Author
Maptia A beautiful way to tell stories about places. Yes -
Brainfeed Back-end for iPad app that presents educational videos for kids Yes -
Coca Cola Enterprises Coca Cola's European bottling arm. Webby award. Yes -
jumpseller SaaS to create online stores Yes -
FreshBSD FreshBSD is a search engine cataloguing the development of major BSD-associated software Yes Thomas Hurst
Smartmedia Create advanced mobile, facebook and web applications Yes -
Otticalisotti Yes - System administration company at Spain. Products and blog. Yes jorgefuertes Voice biometric software, where you can enroll and authenticate using voice. Yes jorgefuertes The api for Yes jorgefuertes
HRPartner The go-to cloud HR software for small & medium-sized businesses. Yes Devan Sabaratnam
Logbook HQ An easy and beautiful way to track your mileage, fuel and other car expenses. Yes Devan Sabaratnam
StaffStatus Allows staff to maintain their in-out status. Yes Devan Sabaratnam

Unknown if they still use Padrino, but I asked them:

last updated: 2022-03-01

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